Checking out Romania while using an Orange Romania SIM card or eSIM is a good choice for people traveling there. Orange Romania provides reliable service, quick internet, and reasonably priced prepaid plans. This step-by-step guide goes over everything you need to know to get set up with Orange Romania during your visit to Romania.


1. Quick Facts about Orange Romania

Here are some quick facts about Orange Romania:

  • Orange Romania provides phone and internet service in Romania.
  • It started in 1994 and is the biggest company, with over 10 million customers.
  • Orange offers mobile calls/data, home internet, and TV.
  • It’s owned by Orange S.A., a French company.
  • Orange was the first to start mobile phone networks in Romania.
  • It was also first to offer fast 4G internet on mobile phones there.

Orange is one of the top telecom providers in Romania. It helps power the country’s economy and constantly works to give customers new technologies.

Orange Romania logo

2. Why Orange Romania When You’re Exploring Romania – Coverage and Speed

Whether you’re sightseeing the cities or venturing into rural parts of Romania, considering Orange Romania’s network coverage and speeds can ensure you stay in touch easily throughout your trip.

2.1. Orange Romania Coverage in Romania

Romania Mobile Operators Coverage
Romania Mobile Operators Coverage

Orange Romania has the best overall mobile network experience in the country, according to the Opensignal Report July 2023 Mobile Network Experience Report for July 2023. Orange won or shared three outright awards and nine shared awards, including the following:

  • Availability: Orange shared the Availability award with Digi Mobile with both operators scoring 97.1 Mbps.
  • 5G Availability: Orange shared the 5G Availability award with Vodafone, with a score of 13.2 points.

Orange’s coverage is particularly good in urban areas, where it has a dense network of 4G and 5G towers. However, coverage can be spotty in rural areas, especially in mountainous regions.

Overall, Orange offers the best mobile network experience in Romania, with fast speeds, good coverage, and consistent performance.

2.2. Orange Romania Speed

Romania Mobile Operators Speed
Romania Mobile Operators Speed

Orange won or shared all four-speed awards in the report, including:

  • Download Speed Experience: In this, Orange took home the Download Speed Experience award without compromise having scored 36.6 Mbps.
  • Upload Speed Experience: Orange and Vodafone jointly won the Upload Speed Experience award with 11.9Mbps.
  • 5G Download Speed Experience: Orange scored 242.3 Mbps, which gave them the 5G Download Speed Experience award.
  • 5G Upload Speed Experience: With 33.1 points awarded to it, Orange took that award alone for the 5G Upload Speed Experience.

Orange’s upload speed is also great, but this time it lags behind its opponents by a narrow margin. Generally, Orange boasts of the fastest mobile network in Romania with good downloads and upload speeds.

3. Orange Romania Connectivity Options for Travelers to Romania

Orange Romania offers a variety of connectivity options for travelers to Romania, including:

Type Description
Prepaid SIM cards Prepaid SIM cards can readily be purchased in most of the airports, convenience stores, and Orange retail stores. There are diverse data, voice, and text plans at reasonable costs on prepaid SIM cards.
eSIMs Orange Romania also provides eSIM cards which are digitally enabled SIM cards that can be activated without using a physical SIM card on compatible phones. Most modern mobile phones have eSIMs that can be purchased from and activated on the internet before visiting the country.
Pocket WiFi devices Travelers can rent pocket WiFi devices from Orange Romania. Pocket Wi-Fi offers wireless broadband internet connectivity to as many as 10 devices.
Roaming Orange mobile subscribers can also roam across the European networks operated by other Orange operators. However, roaming rates are different in every particular country, except for these rates being lower compared to other operators rates.

4. Best Orange Romania SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Orange Romania does not have tourist SIM cards. Besides, they also provide prepay and subscription options without any device that travelers may utilize. This is because the prepay plans involve the need to create an Orange account, which can be very difficult, especially for one-time tourists.

However, subscription plans without a device do not need an account and thus will be simpler to purchase for tourists where they buy ~US$5 Orange Romania sim card.

Some of the best prepaid Orange Romania SIM card options for travelers are:

Orange Prepaid Plan Price (USD) Data Local Calls Messages Validity Total Cost (USD)
Fun 9 ~$9 25GB 5G speed Unlimited national mins + 200 int'l mins Unlimited 1 month ~$14
Smart Plus 15 ~$15 Unlimited 5G speed Unlimited national mins + 600 int'l mins Unlimited 1 month ~$20
Smart Plus 25 ~$25 Unlimited 5G speed Unlimited national mins + 1000 int'l mins Unlimited 1 month ~$30

The subscription plans without devices provide a simpler option for tourists since no account setup is needed. Tourists can purchase one of these plans and enjoy connectivity without hassle.

5. Does Orange Romania Support eSIM in Romania?

Yes, Orange Romania launched eSIM support in 2019. You can get a eSIM with the same allowances as the physical SIM cards.

An eSIM is convenient if you don’t want to swap physical SIM cards during your trip to Romania.

6. Where Can You Buy an Orange Romania SIM card and eSIM?

Getting connected with Orange Romania while traveling in the country is easy, as their SIM cards and eSIMs are widely available.

6.1. Where to Buy Orange Romania SIM for Romania?

There are several places where you can buy an Orange Romania SIM card for Romania:

  • Orange stores: Orange has a wide network of stores throughout Romania. You can find the nearest Orange store by using the store locator on the Orange Romania website.
  • Orange partner stores: Orange also sells SIM cards through a number of partner stores, such as Carrefour, Auchan, and Cora. You can find a list of Orange partner stores on the Orange Romania website.
  • Online: You can also buy an Orange Romania SIM card online from the Orange Romania website.

To buy an Orange Romania SIM card, you will need to present a valid passport or ID card. You may also be asked to provide a proof of address.

Orange store in Romania
Orange store in Romania

6.2. Where to Buy Orange Romania eSIM in Romania?

To get an Orange Romania prepaid eSIM, you can only purchase it at the Orange Romania store.

You’ll need to verify your ID by uploading your passport/ID docs. You will receive the eSIM QR code to scan and activate on your phone.

Manage your eSIM by downloading the My Orange Romania app.

While purchasing a SIM card in-store allows getting connected quickly, it may not be the most suitable option for tourists. For travelers looking for an eSIM just for the duration of their trip, an online purchase option without requiring an ongoing account may be more practical. 

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7. How to Activate Orange Romania SIM/eSIM in Romania?

After purchasing a physical Orange Romania SIM card from one of the many outlets in Romania, or setting up an eSIM profile before your trip, you’ll want to take a few quick steps to activate it for use. Orange Romania makes the activation process straightforward.

7.1. How to Use an Orange SIM Card in Romania?

Follow these steps when you insert and activate your Orange Romania SIM card:

  1. Insert the SIM card into your phone. Make sure that your phone is unlocked. 
  2. Activate the SIM card. You can activate your SIM card online, through the My Orange app, or by calling Orange customer service.
  3. Set up your phone’s APN settings. You can find the APN settings for Orange Romania on the Orange Romania website.
  4. Top up your account. 

Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to use your Orange SIM card in Romania to make calls, send texts, and access the internet.

7.2. How to Activate Orange Romania eSIM?

To activate and use your Orange Romania eSIM:

  1. Receive the eSIM profile including ICCID, QR code or link.
  2. Go to device settings > connections and select “Add eSIM profile”.
  3. Scan the QR code or input details from Orange to download the profile.
  4. Activate the new profile and restart your device.
  5. Give it 15-30 minutes to fully activate on the Orange network.
  6. Your Orange service is now set up via the embedded SIM – no physical nano-SIM needed.

Both the SIM and eSIM are easy to activate in a few minutes once you have the card or QR code.

8. Orange Romania Call & SMS Rates

Orange Romania prepaid plans have the following domestic call and text rates:

Service National EU Non-EU
Call 0.05 USD per minute 0.09 USD per minute 0.39 USD per minute
SMS 0.05 USD per message 0.09 USD per message 0.39 USD per message
Connection fee 0.07 USD per call 0.07 USD per call 0.07 USD per call

These rates are for prepaid customers. Postpaid customers may have different rates, depending on their plan.

Orange Romania also offers a number of value-added services, such as call forwarding, voicemail, and roaming. These services may have additional fees.

9. Useful USSD Codes for Orange Romania SIM/eSIM

Orange Romania prepaid users can dial useful USSD codes to check balances and settings:

  • *133# – Check prepaid credit balance
  • Dial 333 – Immediately receive a text message about your credit. 

Enter these USSD codes on your Orange Romania SIM dial pad to quickly access account info and top-up.

10. How to Top-up Orange Romania SIM/eSIM

You have several options to recharge or top-up your Orange Romania SIM:

  • In Orange shop, Orange store and Orange partner stores
  • Online, from My Orange. You pay for the top-up with your bank card.
  • From Orange Romania website. You pay the top-up directly with your bank card.
  • Directly from the My Orange application , if you use a phone with an Android or iOS operating system.
  • From your Orange subscription to *100#, from My Orange or 300. For top-ups between 21:00 and 07:00, the top-up credit or option will be allocated after 07:30.

When you top-up, the added credits will automatically renew your domestic minutes, texts, and mobile data. Monitor your balances and recharge as required.

11. FAQs about Orange in Romania

Does Orange Romania offer monthly plans?

Yes, Orange Romania has postpaid monthly plans, but those require an 18-24 month contract. Prepaid SIM cards are recommended for travelers visiting Romania short-term.

How long is an Orange Romania SIM card valid for?

The basic PrePay SIM expires after 30 days unless you recharge. The Tourist SIM lasts for 14 days from first use before needing a top-up.

Does Orange Romania have good coverage outside big cities?

Yes, Orange Romania has excellent nationwide coverage reaching over 99% of the population across Romania. It works well in small towns and rural areas.

Can I use Orange Romania SIM in other European countries?

Orange Romania SIMs only work domestically within Romania. You can use them in other EU roaming zones, but roaming rates are very expensive.

How do I check my data usage on Orange Romania SIM?

Dial *133# or 333 to check your remaining data balance. You can also monitor usage in your Orange Romania account online or via the My Orange Romania app.

12. Final Words

Orange Romania is a good option for SIM cards and eSIM provision for temporary communication and exploration of Romania on travel. This is a detailed guide on purchasing a prepaid Orange Romania SIM card or eSIM and managing your account to stay connected with Orange Romania. This is an important guide that can help you activate and use an Orange SIM or eSIM whenever you go travelling in Romania.