Are you traveling to Romania and need a local SIM card to stay connected? Getting a SIM card at Romania airports is easy and convenient for most tourists. This definitive guide will tell you everything you need to know about buying a prepaid SIM card after landing at Romanian airports in 2023.

SIM Card at Romania Airport

1. Which airport in Romania offers SIM cards for tourists

There are 18 Airports in Romania and currently, there are 12 international airports that have commercial traffic.

Romania Airport Map
Romania Airport Map

The two main international airports in Romania are Bucharest Henri Coanda Airport (OTP) and Cluj Avram Iancu Airport (CLJ). Both airports have shops where you can easily buy a prepaid SIM card.

  • Bucharest Henri Coanda Airport (OTP) – Bucharest Airport is the largest airport in Romania serving the capital city. It offers a wide selection of SIM card providers at the arrival halls. 
  • Cluj Avram Iancu Airport (CLJ) – Cluj Airport in Transylvania serves the city of Cluj-Napoca. It has a smaller arrival hall than Bucharest Airport but you can still find SIM card shops right after exiting the plane.

2. Where to buy Romania SIM cards at airports

At both Bucharest and Cluj airports, you can only purchase a SIM card from Relay convenience stores.

Relay stores are small convenience stores that are commonly found in airports and train stations. They may sell a variety of items, including SIM cards.

Always look for reputable provider shops within the airport to ensure you get authentic SIM cards with the best rates. Avoid buying from unauthorized vendors outside the airports.

Relay store at Bucharest Airport
Relay store at Bucharest Airport

3. What to prepare to buy a SIM card at Romania airports

To purchase a SIM card at Romania airports, you need to be prepared with the following:

Item Details
Passport You will have to show your passport to the mobile operator during purchase of a SIM card.
Payment To buy an SIM card plus a data plan, if necessary. Different mobile operators charge varying prices on SIM cards and data plan. One should have some amount of cash since some kiosks do not accept credit or debit cards.
Unlocked phone Your phone must be unlocked for use with a SIM card of another mobile operator. One way is to ask your current mobile operator to check whether your phone is unlocked.

When going outside of Romania with your SIM card, make sure that it is compatible with international roaming (if asked by the mobile operator).

You should also try and compare the costs and data bundles of the various mobile operators before you buy a SIM card.

Note: Be sure to ask for data packages or top-ups if they are not automatically included so you can start using mobile data right away after inserting the SIM.

4. Romania eSIM – an Alternative to Airport SIM Card

The Romania eSIM works well for phones that support such cards. Besides, physical SIM cards can be bought at most airports. These are digital profiles, which are eSIMs that are purchased online and can be uploaded remotely to your phone.

Here are the benefits of using a Romania eSIM:

  • Convenience – no need to find a shop at the airport. Get connected quickly after landing.
  • Multi-network – eSIM service providers, that provide for connectivity on various networks like Orange, Vodafone, and so on.
  • Flexibility – Change data plans anytime directly from an app without swapping SIMs.
  • Digital management – Manage your eSIM account paperless via smartphone apps.

Some recommended Romania eSIM providers are You can buy their global prepaid eSIM for Romania before your trip and activate it upon landing. This spares you the hassle of buying a physical SIM at the busy airport.

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5. FAQs about SIM Card at Romania Airports

Do I need to show passport or IDs to buy SIM at Romania airports?

Yes, you need to provide your original passport as proof of identity to buy any SIM card at Romanian airports, whether local or international. This is mandated by law to register your details with the SIM provider.

Can I pay by credit card for airport SIM in Romania?

Most Romania SIM card providers at the airports only accept cash payments in local currency (Leu). Some may accept credit cards but its better to carry enough Leu cash for buying your SIM card.

Which Romanian mobile networks are available at airports?

The major Romania networks SIM may have temporarily shops/kiosks at Bucharest and Cluj airports. You’ll easily find prepaid SIM cards from them within the arrival halls.

Do Romanian SIM cards work in Europe?

Yes, Romania is part of the EU so Romania SIM cards include free roaming across Europe. You can use your Romanian SIM to make calls, text, and data roaming in all EU countries and beyond without paying extra charges.

Can I use eSIM instead of physical SIM in Romania?

If your phone supports eSIM, you can definitely use a Romania eSIM for connectivity instead of buying a plastic SIM card. Some good eSIM providers are, KnowRoaming. Just buy their Romania eSIM data plan online and activate it on landing.

6. Conclusion

This is one of the easiest ways you can stay in touch while traveling on your trip to Romania. At arrival halls, you are free to purchase the SIM from renowned companies such as Orange and Vodafone after presenting your passport and paying cash.

On the other hand, a Romania eSIM can be considered if you’re interested in the flexibility of networks via online account management. Either way, you’ll have access to cellular data immediately upon arrival and so will be able to make the best out of your stay in Romania!