Welcome to Romania! While touring through this beautiful country, staying in touch is probably your first aim. A great choice, Telekom Romania. It is the largest telecommunications provider in Romania. It has a strong nationwide coverage, fast speeds, and cheap tourist prepaid SIM cards as well as eSIM plans. This comprehensive how-to article is all you need for connecting to the Telekom while in Rome.


1. Quick Facts about Telekom Romania

Telekom Romania is a telecommunications company and internet service provider in Romania. Telekom Romania is also a good provider of mobile telephony services, operating under the Telekom Mobile brand.

Quick Facts:

  • Founded in 2004
  • Owned by Deutsche Telekom
  • Largest provider of fixed-line telephony, broadband internet, and pay-TV services in Romania
  • Major provider of mobile telephony services
  • Over 4.5 million fixed-line telephone subscribers
  • Over 3.5 million broadband internet subscribers
  • Over 2.5 million pay-TV subscribers
  • Over 5 million mobile telephony subscribers

2. Why Telekom When You’re Exploring Romania – Coverage and Speed

When choosing a network in Romania, Telekom Romania stands out for its excellent nationwide coverage and fast speeds.

2.1. Telekom Coverage in Romania

Romania Mobile Operators Coverage
Romania Mobile Operators’ Coverage

Telekom has the lowest overall mobile network experience in Romania, according to the July 2023 Opensignal report. It scored 66.1% in Consistent Quality, which is a measure of how often users’ experience on a network can support more demanding common mobile applications.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of Telekom Romania’s mobile network performance, based on Opensignal’s July 2023 report:

  • Availability: 88.7% (4th place)
  • Video Experience: 55 Mbps (4th place)
  • Games Experience: 63.4 Mbps (4th place)
  • Voice App Experience: 74.8 Mbps (4th place)
  • Consistent Quality: 66.1% (4rd place)

Overall, Telekom’s mobile network coverage in Romania is below average. It has the lowest Consistent Quality score and the lowest 5G coverage of all four operators. However, it does offer good speeds, which are only marginally slower than the other two operators.

2.2. Telekom Romania Speed

Romania Mobile Operators Speed
Romania Mobile Operators Speed

According to Opensignal’s July 2023 Mobile Network Experience Report for Romania, Telekom Romania has the lowest overall mobile network speed score of the four major operators in the country. Telekom Romania’s performance is particularly weak in terms of download and upload speeds, with the operator ranking last in both categories.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of Telekom Romania’s mobile network speeds, based on Opensignal’s July 2023 report:

  • Download Speed Experience: 22.3 Mbps (4th place)
  • Upload Speed Experience: 8.6 Mbps (4th place)
  • Video Experience: 55 Mbps (4th place)
  • Games Experience: 63.4 Mbps (4th place)
  • Voice App Experience: 74.8 Mbps (4th place)

Even though Telekom is the slowest operator on average, it is still able to provide download speeds of over 30 Mbps and upload speeds of over 8 Mbps. This is enough for most mobile users, who typically use their phones for activities like browsing the web, checking social media, and streaming music and video.

3. Telekom Romania Connectivity Options for Travelers to Romania

As a tourist visiting Romania for short or long stays, Telekom Romania offers you excellent connectivity options:

Option Pros Cons
Prepaid SIM cards Flexible and affordable, can be purchased from Telekom Romania stores and authorized retailers throughout Romania One-time activation fee required, need to top up your credit regularly
Mobile data plans Reliable and high-speed internet connection Need to subscribe to a plan, can be more expensive than prepaid SIM cards
Wi-Fi hotspots Available in most public places in Romania Need to have a Telekom Romania username and password

So with a Telekom prepaid SIM card, you have flexible ways to stay connected across Romania during your visit.

4. Best Telekom Romania SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Telekom Romania does not offer any SIM cards made just for visitors. You can purchase one of their normal SIM cards and then buy a plan.

However, these plans also aren’t very good. The prices are okay but the fine print isn’t. The subscriptions last for two whole years, which isn’t a good choice for people only visiting.

Here are the best prepaid SIM card plans from Telekom Romania for tourists along with the pricing of the SIM card:

Telekom Prepaid Plan Price (USD) Data Local Calls Messages Validity Total Cost (USD)
Unlimited 5 ~$5 Unlimited Unlimited + 50 int'l mins Unlimited 1 month ~$10
Unlimited 8 ~$8 Unlimited Unlimited + 250 int'l mins Unlimited 1 month ~$13
Unlimited 10 ~$10 Unlimited Unlimited + 350 int'l mins Unlimited 1 month ~$15
Unlimited 15 ~$15 Unlimited Unlimited + 450 int'l mins Unlimited 1 month ~$20
Unlimited 19 ~$19 Unlimited Unlimited + 650 int'l mins Unlimited 1 month ~$24

5. Does Telekom Romania Support eSIM in Romania?

Telekom Romania does not currently support eSIM, as of November 2023.

So if you have an eSIM phone and want to use eSIM in Romania, with Romania eSIM from romaniaesim.com, you can digitally activate data plans when traveling in Romania, without needing a physical SIM.

6. Where Can You Buy a Telekom Romania SIM card and eSIM?

It’s easy to get your hands on a Telekom Romania SIM card or eSIM when visiting Romania. Here are the options:

6.1. Where to Buy Telekom Romania SIM for Romania?

Here are a few options for buying a Telekom Romania SIM card when visiting Romania:

  • Direct from Telekom Romania stores – They have retail locations in most major cities and towns. You’ll need your passport to purchase a SIM.
  • Online via the Telekom Romania website – You can order a SIM card online at telekom.ro and have it delivered. Make sure to use a Romanian address.
  • Convenience stores – Larger convenience stores like Mega Image, Kaufland, and Profi sometimes sell Telekom prepaid SIM cards.
  • Airports – Both Bucharest airports have SIM retailer stores/kiosks where you can purchase SIM cards upon arrival.
  • Mobile shops – Smaller independent phone shops and Mobile Department stores in cities sell various SIM options, including Telekom.

So buying a Telekom SIM is quick and convenient through various channels across Romania.

Telekom store in Romania
Telekom store in Romania

6.2. Where to Buy Telekom eSIM in Romania?

To get Romania eSIM, visit romaniaesim.com, use Romania’s major network, select your eSIM plan, and activate it digitally on your phone using QR codes.

Activating eSIM is quick and convenient through romaniaesim.com. Avoid roaming shocks by getting Romania eSIM before you fly.

7. How to Activate Telekom Romania SIM/eSIM in Romania?

Activating your new Telekom SIM card or eSIM is easy. Here’s what to do:

7.1. How to Use Telekom Romania SIM Card in Romania?

To use a Telekom Romania SIM card in Romania, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Introduce SIM card in your phone.
  • In addition, you are required to switch on your phone following the provided guidelines on the screen to activate the SIM card.
  • From your phone’s network setting panel, choose Telekom Romania.
  • Upon connection to Telekom Romania network, you will make calls, send SMS, and use mobile data.

7.2. How to Activate Telekom Romania eSIM?

Getting started with a Romania eSIM is quite easy as follows:

  • Install the eSIM
  • Activate the eSIM
  • Set up the eSIM
  • Start using the eSIM: After activating and setting up the eSIM, it begins working.

8. Telekom Romania Call & SMS Rates

Telekom Romania prepaid plans offer great value on domestic calls and texts in USD:

Call Rate SMS Rate
Telekom Romania fixed lines $0.07 Telekom Romania fixed lines $0.03
Telekom Romania mobile phones $0.12 Telekom Romania mobile phones $0.05
Other fixed lines in Romania $0.10 Other fixed lines in Romania $0.06
Mobile phones in Romania $0.17 Mobile phones in Romania $0.08
International fixed lines $0.15 International fixed lines $0.09
International mobile phones $0.20 International mobile phones $0.11

Please note that these rates are subject to change, so it is always best to check with Telekom Romania for the most up-to-date information.

9. Useful USSD Codes for Telekom Romania SIM/eSIM

Call the free numbers *100# or 1234 to check the credit status of your card at any time.

Dial these codes directly on your Telekom Romania SIM to check usage, enable services, and more.

10. How to Top-up Telekom Romania SIM/eSIM

Replenishing your prepaid account when running low is easy. You can top up Telekom Romania SIM/eSIM using:

  • Online – Telekom website top-up using the card
  • Stores – Visit stores and top up SIM at the cashier
  • Vouchers – Enter a top-up code from the voucher bought at the store
  • Use USSD Code – Dial the free numbers *100# or 1234 and follow the instructions; once the top-up is validated, you will be informed of the new credit amount and the validity period. type directly from your phone the command *135*top-up code# followed by Yes/Call.

Top up the amount you need to renew your SIM validity, add credit, or get more data. Keeping your Telekom SIM active is quick through multiple recharge options in Romania.

11. FAQs about Telekom in Romania

Here are some frequently asked questions about getting and using Telekom Romania SIM cards/eSIM as a tourist:

Q: Does Telekom Romania offer 5G service?

A: Telekom has launched 5G coverage in many major cities and towns across Romania. You can access 5G speeds with compatible 5G devices and 5G plans.

Q: Can I use 4G/LTE with Telekom Romania SIM?

A: Yes, prepaid SIMs and plans from Telekom provide you with access to its extensive 4G LTE network across Romania.

Q: Do Telekom SIM cards work in other European countries?

A: Yes, Telekom Romania prepaid plans include domestic + EU roaming. So you can use your credit, data, calls & texts when traveling across Europe.

Q: How long is a Telekom Romania prepaid SIM card valid for?

A: Regular prepaid SIM has 30 days validity. Topping up extends validity.

Q: How can I check Telekom Romania’s prepaid balance?

A: You can check your SIM balance by dialing *100# USSD code. Or view it in your MyAccount app/web account.

Q: How to refill the Telekom Romania SIM card?

A: Top up through the Telekom website, vouchers, and stores, and dial 1234 or *100#. 

12. Final Words

In summary, Telekom Romania is a good option for travelers to connect across Romania with its great coverage, speeds, and affordable prepaid plans. This guide provides all the details you need on getting and using Telekom Romania SIM cards or Romania eSIM during your visit for smooth connectivity. Be sure to pick up a Telekom Romania SIM or Romania eSIM to fully enjoy using your phone for travel in this beautiful country.