Do you want to travel to Romania and buy a local SIM card? Choose Vodafone Romania as your first choice! For example, Vodafone ranks among the largest mobile operators in Romania offering wide network coverage and speedy 4G services. Guide to Vodafone Romania SIM cards and eSIM for tourists in Romania.


1. Quick Facts about Vodafone Romania

Vodafone is part of the leading global mobile operator and fixed-broadband provider – Vodafone Group. It has been working in Romania since 1997 and is now the second largest phone operator in the country with more than 9 million subscribers.

Quick Facts about Vodafone Romania:

  • Headquarters: Bucharest, Romania
  • Founded: 1997
  • Parent company: Vodafone Group
  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Revenue: €1.069 billion (2022)
  • Customers: 9 million+
  • Market share: 25.3% (mobile)
  • Products and services: Mobile phone, fixed broadband, TV, IoT

The company operates in the mobile and fixed broadband market in Romania, selling TV, IoT and other related services. In Romanian business market, it is one of the leading suppliers of telecommunication services for the companies of different scales.


2. Why Vodafone When You’re Exploring Romania – Coverage and Speed

Coverage and speed are two key factors for travelers when choosing a SIM card in Romania. Let’s see how Vodafone Romania fares on these parameters:

2.1. Vodafone Romania Coverage in Romania

Romania Mobile Operators Coverage
Romania Mobile Operators Coverage

According to the Opensignal July 2023 Report about Romania Mobile Network Experience, Vodafone Romania shares the top spot for 5G Availability with Digi Mobil.

In general, Vodafone Romania performs satisfactorily as far as it gives good network speed and coverage overall.

Here is a summary of Vodafone Romania’s coverage and performance based on the Opensignal report:

  • Availability: Leads jointly with Orange Romania and Digi Mobil in terms of average availability, which is 96.3 Mbps.
  • 5G Availability: Runner up at the fourth position regarding their national average speed of accessibility at 10.6 Mbps.

In general, the mobile network experience delivered by Vodafone Romania is satisfactory at high speeds with good coverage. However, it must be mentioned that the Opensignal report considered data collected between March to May 2023, which may have already been out of date about recent statistics.

2.2. Vodafone Romania Speed

Romania Mobile Operators Speed
Romania Mobile Operators Speed

As per the OpenSignal July 2023 Romania Mobile Network Experience Report, Vodafone Romania provides high Download Speed & Upload Speeds throughout the nation.

Vodafone Romania recorded very high average download speeds in comparison to its competitors.

Orange Romania came second with an average of 242.3 Mbps while Telekom Romania recorded third place at an average of 193.5 Mbps.

Here is a summary of Vodafone Romania’s speeds based on the Opensignal report:

  • Overall download speeds: Second-fastest in the country, with an average speed of 31.3 Mbps
  • Overall upload speeds: Second-fastest, with an average speed of 11.6 Mbps
  • 5G download speeds: Second-fastest in the country, with an average speed of 111.4 Mbps
  • 5G upload speeds: Second-fastest in the country, with an average speed of 23.5 Mbps

Vodafone Romania’s speeds are sufficient enough to cater to even the toughest mobile apps like HD video streaming, online gaming, and larger files.

3. Vodafone Romania Connectivity Options for Travelers to Romania

When traveling to Romania, Vodafone Romania provides different connectivity opportunities. These options include:

Vodafone Romania Connectivity Options

Option Details
Vodafone Prepaid SIM Card Offers variety of data and voice plans that can be customized. Valid for 12 months. Can be purchased at Vodafone stores and online
Vodafone Romania Roaming Can use Vodafone SIM from other country to roam in Romania. May be charged additional roaming fees. Check roaming rates on Vodafone website
Vodafone Romania eSIM eSIM version of Mobile Internet Passport with same plans/prices as physical SIM. Requires eSIM compatible device. Can purchase and activate online or in-store

Prepaid SIM is the easiest and most popular option. Let’s discuss both these connectivity options in detail:

4. Best Vodafone Romania SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Vodafone does not have dedicated SIM cards and/or plans for tourists visiting Romania. In general, there is only one such plan that is usually taken by foreigners.

The recommended plan is:

Vodafone Prepaid SIM Price (USD) Data Local Calls Messages Validity Total Cost (USD)
Vodafone Cash Back Card ~$6 100GB 2000 national mins + Span/Italy 2000 national SMS 28 days ~$6

This plan provides 4G/LTE data, local minutes, and SMS making it a good option for tourists who need mobile connectivity during their trip but don’t want a long-term contract.

5. Does Vodafone Support eSIM in Romania?

Excitingly, Vodafone Romania does offer an eSIM facility as well in addition to physical SIM cards.

Vodafone Romania eSIM is supported on the latest iPhone models from iPhone XS/XR and newer. It also works on many recent Samsung Galaxy S and Fold models. Check the Romania eSIM Compatible Devices Lists.

6. Where Can You Buy a Vodafone Romania SIM card and eSIM?

You can easily purchase a Vodafone Romania SIM card or activate eSIM by following these steps:

6.1. Where to Buy Vodafone Romania SIM for Romania?

Vodafone Romania prepaid SIM cards are available at:

  • Online: Directly through the Vodafone Romania website, you can buy a Vodafone Romania SIM card. There are different prepaid and postpaid plans, and you select the one that you deem appropriate.
  • Vodafone stores: Additionally, you can purchase a Vodafone Romania SIM card at any Vodafone shop in Romania. This way, it will be easy for you to locate a Vodafone store considering that they are located all over the country.
  • Other retailers: At times, other retailers, such as newsstands, convenience stores, and supermarkets, are allowed to sell Vodafone SIM cards too. However, it is imperative to acknowledge that different retailers usually prefer different plans and prices when making this selection.

For a purchase of SIM, you will have to present your passport and visa (if requested). Upon submission of your documentation, you are activated on spot.


6.2. Where to Buy Vodafone eSIM in Romania?

Vodafone Romania eSIM is activated by purchasing a physical card from Vodafone stores in Romania and asking the personnel to scan your passport to activate eSIM.

An eSIM can be digitally activated by staff at Vodafone stores after verification using a passport. It takes only a few minutes to complete the process.

If you do not want to buy a Vodafone Romania eSIM in-store and want to purchase it before your trip, you can try a Romania eSIM from

No roaming fees with Fast 4G data without sim swapping – simply scan and go. Order now for immediate delivery, then connect on arrival. eSIM plans from $5 up to $40.

7. How to Activate Vodafone Romania SIM/eSIM in Romania?

Activating your new Vodafone SIM or eSIM is very easy if you follow these steps:

7.1. How to Use Vodafone Romania SIM Card in Romania?

To use a Vodafone Romania SIM card in Romania:

  1. Put in the SIM card in your phone.
  2. Turn on your phone.
  3. Your phone will register with the Vodafone network, wait till this happens.
  4. After phone registration, you will make calls, text messages, and access data.

Note: Therefore, if you are traveling to another country, you may have to switch on the roaming feature on your device. Additionally, you can buy a Vodafone Romania SIM card online or at any Vodafone store in Romania.

7.2. How to Activate Vodafone Romania eSIM?

Follow below steps to activate Vodafone Romania eSIM on your phone:

  • Step 1 – Connect your phone to a wireless internet.
  • Step 2 – Open the eSIM section of your phone’s settings.
  • Step 3 – After getting an installation QR code, scan it and follow the instruction. How to get the QR code below.
  • Step 4 –  Upon the completion of installation, you will receive an SMS confirming. Ensure that your phone number can only be associated with one active eSIM.

That’s it! Using and activating a Vodafone SIM card or eSIM in Romania is quick and convenient.

8. Vodafone Romania Call & SMS Rates

Vodafone Romania provides very competitive prepaid rates for calls and texts when you are traveling in Romania:

Service Price
Call to a Vodafone Romania number $0.12 per minute
Call to a non-Vodafone Romania number $0.18 per minute
SMS to a Vodafone Romania number $0.03 per message
SMS to a non-Vodafone Romania number $0.06 per message

Vodafone Romania offers a variety of other call and SMS plans, so be sure to compare your options to find the best plan for your needs.

9. Useful USSD Codes for Vodafone Romania SIM/eSIM

Vodafone Romania offers some useful USSD codes to check your account balance and stats:

  • *100# or *134# – check balance;
  • MyVodafone app – check all related information.

Just dial these codes from your Vodafone SIM and follow the prompts. They provide an easy way to monitor your prepaid account on the go.

10. How to Top-up Vodafone Romania SIM/eSIM

When your prepaid balance runs low, you can easily recharge your Vodafone Romania SIM card in multiple ways:

  • Vodafone Stores/Authorized Partners: Visit the nearest store or seller and pay cash for the top-up voucher.
  • myVodafone app/website: Pay securely via the app or website using your credit/debit card to top-up.
  • ATMs: You can recharge through ATMs of banks like Banca Transilvania and BCR by paying via debit card.
  • Mobile Recharge Vouchers: Purchase top-up vouchers from stores, and enter the code into the myVodafone app.

You can easily add talk time and data through any of these convenient methods. The minimum top-up amount is generally 5 RON.

11. FAQs about Vodafone Romania in Romania

Here are some frequently asked questions about using a Vodafone SIM card/eSIM for travel in Romania:

Q: Will my Vodafone Romania SIM work in other European countries?

A: Yes, Vodafone Romania SIM allows roaming in all EU/EEA at domestic rates without any extra charges. Data is at no extra cost subject to fair usage policy.

Q: How long is Vodafone Romania SIM card valid for?

A: Vodafone prepaid SIM has a validity of 1 months. As long as you top up once every 30 days, the SIM will remain active.

Q: Can I use Vodafone Romania SIM in 4G / LTE?

A: Yes, Vodafone prepaid SIM gives you access to fast 4G/LTE networks in Romania if you have a compatible phone.

Q: How can I check data usage on my Vodafone Romania SIM?

A: You can check your data usage by dialling *134# or *100# or through myVodafone app. You’ll get SMS usage alerts as well when nearing data limits.

Q: Can I use Vodafone Romania SIM for tethering or hotspot?

A: Yes, Vodafone prepaid SIM allows tethering and can be used for hotspot subject to plan terms. However, roaming data limits will apply in EU.

12. Final Words

In that case, the best travel connectivity option for you in Romania is probably the Vodafone Romania SIM or eSIM. It has a fast 4G coverage across Romania, and the rates for the prepaid packages are affordable. Vodafone is a popular brand for tourists because of its large network, easy activation, and easy top-ups. Vodafone – it takes care of you to connect easily across the Romanian borders!